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Human Inuyasha (sold)
Source: Hanken
Layers: 2
No sketches available
Oversize, 14W x 11H

Original Matching Background

Added 9/29/2006
Updated 6/26/2007
Hi everyone

Here is my all-new fancel of Inuyasha !

I reproduced what it seems to be an Hanken-cel of the human Inuyasha with his Tessaiga saber. But the originality is that he has his eyes opened in the fan cel !!!

Actually, in the hanken cel, his eyes are closed, but my U.S. penpal advice me to reproduce him like this.
Inuyasha seems so mysterious now !!!

I used a new material to paint. It is my first-ever acrylic fan cel. The ones before were made with gouache paint but this sort of paint is a quite fragile. Acrylic is a little more difficult to paint and take me more time but is very strong and stay fixed very well on cel.

Actually, there are two cels. The first is for Inuyasha himself and the second is for the moons.

I used paintbrush and airbrush for the moons cel.

You finally can see that there is an hand-made milky Way background made with gouach paint thanks to airbrush, paintbrush and toothbrush !

The cel is a Dura-Lar Wet Media acetate sized 14" on 11" (35,5 cm x 28 cm). For information, a standard cel size is 10.5" on 9.5" (26,7 cm x 24,3 cm). :)

Note: to scan red color is very difficult, you must know the red color of Inuyasha's kimono is perfect in real life.

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