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Sheherazade Al Rahman (SOLD)
Source: Manga/Comic
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Standard size

Original Matching Background

Added 4/28/2012
Updated 9/26/2013
This is Sheherazade Al Rahman from Trinity Blood manga.

I made it with Copic markers on Canson Montval paper. (a paper for watercolor paint) ^^!
clouds are made with soft pastel. I put glitter gel on her outfit (see the photo to see, it's not visible on the scan)
sized 23cm x 31cm (9"x 12.2")

the scan quality is very bad! (too contrasted and clouds effect and colors are wrong).
the scan here show some marker marks, but it's the scanner who do that, in real life this drawing is softer. (I'm so upset after my scanner for this drawing! >_<)
I could'nt make progress photo -_- only a finished one.
On the photo you could see the glitter gel effect on her blue outfit =>

Trinity Blood © Kyujyo Kiyo

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