# Autograph & original sketches

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Nobuteru Yuki 2000
Source: TV
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Added 11/2/2004
Updated 10/7/2012
How to not ask a Van in front of Nobuteru Yûki himself??
It was at Cartoonist convention in november 2000. Nobuteru Yuki was the guest.
He was came for the premiere about the Escaflowne movie.

Nobuteru Yûki san is a EXTREMELY simpatic man! ^_^
I airbrushed on my car's hood the poster of the Escaflowne movie, I've showed it to him, he was very happy to see that.
This evening will be forever in my memory for the rest of my life!! ^____^

After to drawn these sketches, (Van, Pirotess, and Hinoto) they was photographed. You could see them in the Anvil III (a Nobuteru Yuki's doujinshi)

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