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Daft Punk
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Added 11/6/2004
Updated 9/27/2006
I've met the daft Punk, French DJs very famous here, in a radio morning show. (for the french people: Cauet sur Europe2)
I was come at this show because I'm a HUGE fan about them, since their begening.
they are so cool and simpatic!

The live Alive in Birmingham in 1997 was the BEST concert I've ever went!!! (with the Exiter Tour of the Depeche Mode in Paris at Bercy concert hall,there is the DVD of this concert but it’s not the same thing to be in the 1rst row ^_~)

Peraps you know their music? “Around The World” or “Rolling And Scratching” or again “Da Funk”
It’s simple their album names are “Homework” “Discovery” and "Human After All"

Discovery is the “sound” of the animation “movie” they have made with Leiji Matsumoto, INTERSTELLA 5555 (A real treasur for the eyes!!)The first title is “One More Time”

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