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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Escaflowne movie
a wonderful background of the movie Will Give Kidney
an other wonderful background of the movie Will Give Kidney
angry Van ^o^ Will Give Kidney
Eriya and Nariya Will Give Kidney
scarred Hitomi Will Give Kidney
Sora Will Give Kidney
sora Will Give Kidney
Sora Will Give Kidney
Sora Will Give Kidney
the last scene of the movie Will Give Kidney
Van at the end of the movie Will Give Kidney
Van hurted Will Give Kidney
young Folken/Dune (yes, it's NOT van!!) Will Give Kidney
Allen in action! Very High
cute angry Merle Very High
Dryden Very High
Hitomi running to protect Van... Very High
I want this cel because Van have his wings. in the movie Van have them only one time. -_- Very High
one of my favorit moment in the movie! ^__~ Very High
Van Very High
Van (with Hitomi's hand on his shoulder...) Very High
yellow Sora Very High
Escaflowne TV
it's a prototype kit, there is only one on the world he was made for the Hobby magazin... but if one day this kit is for sale I'll do every thing for to have it!! Will Give Kidney
This is a hanken cel, not a production cel. We can imagine it's when Van saved Hitomi in Za´bacher at the End. There is not often hanken cels about Escaflowne for sale, but if this one will be for sale one day, I'll find it! ^_~ Will Give Kidney
Ranma 1/2 OVA
After to fall from the cliff and to recover her body, she will cry and jump in Ranma's arms ^_^ Will Give Kidney
this cel about OVa midle cut is the most wonderful of ALL Ranma's animations! We can see the true love between Akane and Ranma and they are so beautiful! Will Give Kidney
Akane grabed Ranma's arm and they walk toogether in a wonderfull forest. very lovely moment! (and so rare!) Very High
It's rare to see Shampoo and Akane toogether without fighting for Ranma.... They are very cute ^_^ Very beautiful cel! Very High

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Gallery Created: 11/1/2004
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